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Daniel Boone made many visits to this section of North Carolina after his family moved from Pennsylvania to Bear Creek, which is near Mocksville, NC, in 1750.

In 1768, when he was twenty-two years old, Daniel Boone came to this area to bear and deer hunt on the Yadkin River, tradition says, in the area from Crutchfield to the Wilkesboros.

Some of the older people have heard stories passed down from other generations, that Daniel Boone camped frequently in Boonville a short distance west of Boonville Baptist Church where there was a large spring. Near this spring there was large, hollow, poplar tree. Early residents of Boonville said that Daniel Boone slept in this tree at night. The spring and tree were located on land owned by Mr. W.R. Frye and later by his daughter Mrs. Carmen Frye Richardson. The tree stood until 1928 when it was struck by lightning and destroyed.

It is believed that Dr. Nathan B. Dozier built the first house in Boonville. Tradition says that either Dr. Nathan B. Dozier or William H. Rodwell named the town of Boonville after Daniel Boone.

The Daniel Boone Memorial is located in Boonville, NC at the intersection of US Highway 601 and NC Highway 67.

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